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  • eCIRCLE Commerce Suite of Products helps companies in the Retail/ Distribution and Manufacturing Sectors. eCIRCLE Commerce Suite of products have the following products within the suite.
  • Other EDI Services

    EDI Consulting Services

    Our EDI network consists of a team of Consultants with diverse backgrounds, strong industry expertise and considerable international exposure.

    It requires sustained high levels of quality work and years of business experience to make a efficient and effective EDI consultant. Our consultants understand Business first and then technology. We usually talk in English or such commonly spoken languages with our clients unlike other consultants who speak in Java,VB, C++,htm etc.

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    The following are solutions which our EDI consultants can help you with :

    EDI Translation and Integration

    Sterling - Gentran Server, Gentran Integration Server, Gentran for PC

    EDS - EDI*Asset

    IBM - WebSphere Data Interchange (WDI), WebSphere Partner Gateway(WPG)

    GXS - Application Integrator, Desktop

    Inovis - Trusted Link, Harbinger

    AS2 Software

    IBM - WBI Connect, WebSPhere Partner Gateway(WPG), iSOFT Commerce Suite

    Cleo - Cleo Lexicom

    VAN(Value Added Network)

    EdiTutorial Commerce Gateway (WEB EDI)

    Integration with Warehouse(WMS) & Shipping Applications

    Integration with Accounting & ERP .