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EDI Products

eCIRCLE Commerce Suite of Products helps companies in the Retail/ Distribution and Manufacturing Sectors. eCIRCLE Commerce Suite of products have the following products within the suite.


Advanced Shipping Notification made easy

ASN(856) to meet different trading partner requirements
Integration to EDI translator and ERP/Accounting package
EAN/UCC 128, SCC 14, SCCC / MH-10 label printing
RFID capable


Product Information Management made easy

ECCnet integration capabilities
UCCnet Module
Wal-Mart/ Sears/ Target/ Home Depot/ HBC/ Canadian Tire specific modules
Integration to backend applications via ASCII flat files, XML, MQ series
Desktop publishing - brochures, spreadsheets, custom reports

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Accounting/ ERP Application to EDI integration made easy

ACCPAC Advantage series integration
Business Vision integration
Simply Accounting integration
Dollar Man integration
Custom integrations to Decision Software, SAP, Oracle 11i

eCIRCLE Commerce Suite leverages the IBM WebSphere and IBM DB2 family of products to provide world class integration capabilities. eCIRCLE Commerce Suite is also available with open source components specifically targetted at SMB companies. eCIRCLE Commerce Suite- Linux version has also been released.

EdiTutorial Consulting is an ISV partner with Microsoft using the MS-SQL server,Windows 2003 server and Biztalk Server to create solutions targetted at Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing sectors. .