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EDI Services

EdiTutorial.com and our partners have a special focus on EDI and Supply Chain Management. Through partnerships with IBM,EDS and Cleo. We can provide complete solutions for EDI, tailored to the requirements of the client. eCircle suite of products is developed specifically to meet the EDI requirements of Mid Sized businesses.

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The following are our solutions in the area of EDI :

EDI Translation and Integration - EDI mapping to meet different requirements of the client. We provide EDI Mapping services on the following EDI Translators

Sterling - Gentran Server, Gentran Integration Server, Gentran for PC

EDS - EDI*Asset

IBM - WebSphere Data Interchange (WDI), WebSphere Partner Gateway(WPG)

GXS - Application Integrator, Desktop

Inovis - Trusted Link, Harbinger

AS2 Software - EdiTutorial is a leader in the implementation of AS2 solutions and has been invloved with this technology since inception. We have installed and implemented more than 100 AS2 applications for our customers. The AS2 software that we resell and help implement are

IBM - WBI Connect, WebSPhere Partner Gateway(WPG), iSOFT Commerce Suite

Cleo - Cleo Lexicom

VAN(Value Added Network)
- EdiTutorial in partnership with EDS offers a VAN for the purpose of communication to trading partners. (We usually offer upto 50% savings to the customer over their existing VAN). The savings in money could very easily be used to fund some of the other mandates like ECCnet/UCCnet or RFID. Click here to access our EDI savings calculator.

EdiTutorial Commerce Gateway (WEB EDI)
- EdiTutorial also offers a Web EDI service for companies that would like their EDI process to work as a service with lower initial costs. We connect with more than 150 trading partners and we are creating custom connections for trading partners on a daily basis. To view preconfigured trading partners and EDI Transactions supported click here

- EdiTutorial Consulting takes the pain to understand our customer's business well and can create integrations for EDI/XML communication between the trading partners and the Warehouse/Shipping applications. We ensure 100% compliance to regulations and requirements of Trading Partners.
- The eCIRCLE-ASN is a stand alone Shipping application that creates UCC128 labels, 856 EDI documents, Picking Slips, Bill of Lading, 810 Invoice and more. All paper documents that may be needed can also be printed out from eCIRCLE-ASN.

-We can create custom integrations to various ERP/ Accounting applications like SAP,Oracle, ACCPAC, Business Vision,Great Plains and almost any legacy application.
- eCIRCLE-Bridge is a off the shelf product with integration capabilities to ACCPAC Advantage series, Business Vision, Great Plains, MAS 90 and the list is growing by the day.

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We understand that each business and each client has its own unique problems and solutions, in our EDI team, EDI experts are skilled programmers, their talents produce tailored solutions that can address any problem. .